The Story of Mixed Martial Arts Video Games

It all began
Since its humble beginning in 2000 MMA or Mixed Martial Arts has slowly but surely worked its way into a household name withing the gaming community. It all started with the release of

Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2000

which ranked 53 based on 6 reviews on Metacritic.

UFC: Tapout for the Xbox in 2002

which landed 74 based on 20 reviews

UFC Throwdown in 2002

ranked 67 for the Gamecube and 68 for the PS2.

UFC: Tapout 2 in 2003

ranked 66 based on 14 reviews.

UFC Sudden Impact in 2004

ranked 54 out of 29 reviews.

So before the Undisputed games hit the market the reviews for the UFC Video Games didnt really hold any weight at all.

UFC Undisputed is made

In 2007 THQ reached out to the UFC and made an agreement and 2 years later the UFC Undisputed franchise was born. With its quality in graphics, sounds and overall feeling, it made UFC Undisputed the best MMA game of all time. The difficult level gave gamers alittle taste of how hard making it into the UFC is. This turned alot of fighting games gamers off, but the true UFC and MMA fans loved it!!

Metacritic score for UFC Undisputed 2009

Playstation 3 version ranked 84 out of 58 reviews.
Xbox 360 version ranked 83 out of 68 reviews.

UFC Undisputed 2010 lack of sales

With the success of UFC Undisputed 2009, another game was bound to happen. And in 2010 UFC fans once again rejoiced over the new UFC video game entiteled UFC Undisputed 2010.
The game had better quality, better graphics and even boosted the story mode abit with the ability to disrespect or respect your opponent, weigh-ins and some minor commercial parts. It was gonna be another classic in the making! But despite good critics the game as of now has yet to outsell the previous game.

Metacritic Score for UFC Undisputed 2010

(85 out of 54 reviews for PS3 and 84 of 64 reviews for the Xbox 360)

''Sales were down 38 percent over the period ending June 30, resulting in a $30.1 million loss. By comparison, THQ saw profits of $6.4 million this time last year (via Gamasutra). ''

Reason Why

The only reason THQ could find was that they were going up against Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption. However later on they announced that they would expand the time beeing used to create Undisputed games with months. Making a new title every year seemed unlikely.

Upcoming competition

This is not good news for Dana White and the UFC since up out of nowhere EA Sports has also announced theyre new MMA game entitled EA Sports MMA. It was announced that EA MMA would feature Strikeforce as its flagship promotion, They will also include Japans Mystic, Englands United Fighters League and Brazil's Liga De Combate. Also included is two amateur leagues both american, Renegade of Fighting League and Weapons of Destruction.

Controversy (source wikipedia)

''UFC president Dana White has declared himself "at war" with EA over the development of the EA Sports MMA video game. White assumed that he initially wanted EA to develop UFC 2009 Undisputed and remarks "EA Sports told us, 'You're not a real sport. We wouldn't touch this thing. We want nothing to do with this.'" "We put our asses on the line, THQ and the UFC, to make a video-game deal in the worst economy in the world," White told reporters recently. "We go out there and do this thing, and it's successful, and now [expletive] EA Sports wants to do a video game. In response to these allegations, EA Sports have since claimed that Dana White held a meeting with EA in Los Angeles, who are responsible for such games as The Sims; a separate entity from their EA Sports brand.

White warned the fighters who intend to be included in the upcoming EA Sports MMA game release, claiming that "If you do business with EA, you won't be in the UFC". Former UFC heavyweight champions Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski, as well as still under contract Frank Trigg (who has now been released from his UFC Contract following his loss to Matt Serra) and Vladimir Matyushenko confirmed their presence in the EA Sports MMA video game. Fan favorite Randy Couture was under contract with UFC before agreeing to be a part of EA Sports MMA, but is able to take part in the game due to never signing over his likeness to the UFC for use in video games. White has since changed his standpoint on this subject.''


Another contestant is out to literally rip the head off both UFC and EA

Adding to all of this is another contender thats literally crawling out of the underground. The game is entiteled MMA Supremacy and is under the guidance of the talent behind titles like the original ?UFC? (Dreamcast), ?The Warriors?, ?Mortal Kombat: Armageddon?, ?Scarface? and most recently ?UFC Undisputed 2009′. ?We?re excited to partner with 505 Games to launch the Supremacy MMA brand,? said Ricci Rukavina, creative director for Kung Fu Factory. ?Kung Fu Factory?s vision is to make an MMA game that is as authentic and realistic as possible that will introduce an entirely new type of experience to gamers. The team has an enormous amount of passion for the genre and has been relentlessly researching every aspect of the sport to deliver an MMA game unlike any other. When gamers play Supremacy MMA, we think it will absolutely knock them out.?

What is Supremacy MMA?

Supremacy MMA however is not to be mistaken for another UFC Undisputed clone. This game aims to be more of a Mortal Kombat meets MMA. Developers told reporters that you could literally break someones arm off, snap someones neck which tells me that this is EXTREME MMA if there ever was such a thing. Again Dana White is NOT happy with this game either since he has spent years trying to make the UFC and MMA not be portrait like another brutal deathmatch sport.

My Personal Opinion
All i know is im looking forward to all the future holds when it comes to MMA Games. I love the UFC, have been in love with it since i first saw it and also Pride FC. For it to become good video games just makes it that much better. And blaiming sales on another game just means that the game your trying to sell isnt as good as the other game that just outsold you.. And Competition is always welcome as far as im concerned because competition always gives us as gamers the best of the best.

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